Tutor Ontario is a leading provider of reliable and affordable tutoring service, we are tutoring all subjects to all grades and ages.
Part-time and full-time tutors and mentors are available.

Vision: We believe every child deserves the resources to succeed in school. We offer tutoring and programs for children who
struggle in the classroom.

Mission: To deliver a brighter future for our students, their families and communities. We are committed to see each of our
students excel.

Programs: Our tutoring programs are customized to the specific needs of our students. Our students improve their
performances and become independent learners and reach their highest intellectual potential.

Competitive Edge: Our certified and professional tutors are carefully selected for their sensitivity and discretion. We also
provide free skill assessment to our students to identify their strength and weakness. Our Tutors conduct their lessons through
examples, demonstrations, explanations and practices in a manner that are enjoyable and applicable to real life. Furthermore, each
tutor will provide feedback to parents. Our Tutors strives to empower students to achieve academic excellence and develop
organizational and study skills that will benefit them and their families and communities in all aspects of their life.

Subjects: We tutor all subjects, all grades and ages. The core subjects are: English, French, Math,  Science,  Chemistry,
Biology, Physics , Computer , Technology and other subjects.
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